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Runner I


Little League Softball Regional

Leon J Breen Memorial Field







Crewer  |

Ryan Chang

This position will assist Operations and Production on site for remote broadcasts. The runner will run errands, distribute information, assist in coordination of announcer arrivals and departures, and other show related tasks as directed on site. This position should be flexible in executing any task that is directed at them, as well as having knowledge of basic broadcast operations.


  • Must live within 100 miles of the event site to be considered.

  • Must be 21 years of age or older and legal status to work in the U.S.

  • Must have a valid driver license.

  • Must have previous runner/ PA experience.

  • Must have reliable communication (cellphone, text and email)

  • Must have a positive attitude, proactive personality that works well in a fast npaced, ever-changing environment.

  • Be familiar with the area and venue.


Check if you have worked with Ming in the past

Submitting this application is not a guarantee of work. If this position needs to be filled, the crewer assigned to this event will communicate offers and confirmation of work.

Before accepting work, please make sure you are not double booked. 

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